Angel Of The Dark
Sidney Sheldon // Tilly Bagshawe
In 1996, Los Angeles Police Detective Danny McGuire investigates the horrific murder of wealthy Andrew Jakes and the brutal beating and rape of his beautiful young wife, Angela. Danny resettles in France and marries, but the murder pattern continues. In England police are faced with the death of older and quite wealthy Piers Henley and the accompanying dreadful attack upon his young wife, Tracey. Then again, the pattern continues in France in 2005 as Didier Anjou is killed and his much younger wife, Irina, brutalized and injured. Finally, in Hong Kong in 2006, wealthy, older Miles Baring is killed, and his lovely young wife Lisa is raped and beaten. Who is behind this series of crimes?
genre: Fiction , Thriller
year: 2012
author: Sidney Sheldon // Tilly Bagshawe
rate: ★★★☆☆ (3.5)
info: [+++]
thoughts: As a thriller fiction lover, I could say that this story is very good. However, the ending is pretty disappointing for me. Usually, you will get all the answers at the end, but in this story, the ending leaves me some question. For example, when Carlos Harnandez died, the author didn't tell the reader why did he was killed nor who killed him. So, as a reader, I just assumed that Lisa and Matt killed them.
Are You Afraid of The Dark
Sidney Sheldon
In four cities across the world, four people die violently and mysteriously. The dead share a single crucial link: each was connected to an all-powerful environmental think tank. Two of the victims' widows-accomplished artist Diane Stevens and international supermodel Kelly Harris-may hold the key to their husbands' demise. Terrified for their lives, suspicious of each other, and armed only with their own wits and guile, they must join forces in a nightmare cycle of hunt-and-kill. At stake is the shattering truth about the tragedies that robbed them of the men they loved...and about an awesome conspiracy whose ultimate target is as big as the earth and as close as the air we breathe
genre: Crime fiction, Thriller
year: 2005
author: Sidney Sheldon
rate: ★★★★☆ (4.5)
info: [+++]
thoughts: Another great story from Sidney Sheldon and this one is one of my favorites. This story gives me a great suspense and it's a nerve - wrecking story. I couldn't help but to read this story until I finished it as this story made me wonder what happened next. It also has a great twist! I love twisted story. You know something you don't expect to happen. And the most awesome part, that of Tanner’s superhuman discovery of techniques involving the control of weather!
This is one of the book that worth to be kept on your shelf!
Moonlight Becomes You
Mary Higgins Clark
Newport, Rhode Island: a world of old money, old names, and sinister secrets. Maggie Holloway, a fashion photographer, goes to visit a woman who had once been her stepmother, but when she arrives, the woman is dead, the victim of a violent robbery. Maggie is stunned when she learns that she's the beneficiary of the will - and even more stunned when she recognizes a pattern of murder in Newport society that will lead the killer straight to her.
genre: Thriller, Fiction
year: 1996
author: Mary Higgins Clark
rate: ★★★★☆ (4.0)
Info: [+++]
thoughts: Even the first chapter is very interesting - a young woman buried alive in a satin-lined coffin. The characters was good and the plot was well researched. It's hard to put down when you start reading this book.
When Maggie's stepmother was killed, I thought I already knew who was the murder. But when I read the next chapter, I thought it was not him. This book will keep you guessing who the real killer was. And I finally found out the killer when it was about the three last chapter.
This story has a great twist and turn too. However, I give it four stars because the relationship between Maggie and Earl was a bit weird for me? Just a bit confusing.
The Book Of Tomorrow
Cecilia Ahern
Tamara Goodwin has everything she ever wanted and she never has to think about tomorrow. But suddenly her world is turned upside down and she has to leave her glamorous city life for a new one in the country. However, Tamara is soon lonely and longing to return home.
Then a travelling library arrives in the village, bringing with it a mysterious leather-bound book locked with a gold clasp and padlock. What Tamara discovers within its pages takes her breath away and everything starts to change in the most unexpected of ways…
genre: Chick Lit, Fiction
years: 2011
author: Cecilia Ahern
rate: ★★★☆☆ (3.0)
Info: [+++]
thoughts: This book is kinda of modern fairytale one. As I never read any Cecilia Ahern's book, and many say that she's a great author, so I have a high expectation on this book. However, I think this book is pretty disappointing. The early chapters were slowly build, which cause me bored and I almost gave up on finishing this. But, thanks to my sister who kept saying the book was good and I was like "Okay. I'll finish it." This story is not so 'magical' as it seems. I don't know but I'll never read this book again.
However there is something that I could learn from this book. ‘Never take anything for granted‘, 'The past always affects the future‘
206 Bones
Khaty Reichs
Temperence Brennan wakes up in a concrete block underground and works to figure out how she ended up there. Months earlier and shortly before Christmas, she worked several cases in Chicago and Canada, reluctantly accepting help from Ryan but refusing to allow him access to her heart so to speak. In late January, her work left her with more questions than answers. Still, the seemingly linked killings of elderly Canadian women doesn’t explain why someone is working to sabotage Brennan’s hard work and reputation. And just who would go to such twisted lengths to kill her?
genre: Thriller, Fiction
year: 2011
Author: Khaty Reichs
rate: ☆☆☆☆☆
Info: [+++]
thoughts: Currently reading